NFB Library Archive Card

NFB Library Archive card

NFB Library Archive Card Revision Notes

Spring 2017. The 2016 NFB Library Card was “frozen” and renamed The “NFB Library Archive Card”. Further updates may become available in the future as downloads from the website of the NFB of Utah. They will contain just the new speeches and other important documents since the last update.

Included in the new NFB Library Archive Card is a .docx file in the $VRText folder entitled, “NFB Library Card, complete listing of contents 2013”.

One way to begin to apppreciate the wide variety of material now included in the NFB Library Archive Card is to study this complete listing as of 2013, the last year for which a complete listing is available. Then by studying these “Revision Notes” covering the additions to the NFB Library cards since 2013, you may then get an idea of the additional materials making up the new “NFB Library Archive Card.

March 2016 Revision 2016.1.
Convention highlights from the 2015 National Convention have been added to the Conventions folder.
Important speeches may be found in the Convention folder as well as in the folder for Marc Maurer, Mark Riccobono, and Fred Schroeder.

Several folders of Spanish materials have been added to the Puerto Rico folder in the OtherBook folder, as well as in the Text files folder. These Spanish materials have come primarily from Alpidio Rolón, President of the NFB of Puerto Rico. Most of these materials can also be found at

2015 Revision of the NFB Library Card. Revision date June 15, 2015.

Changes and additions in this revision.
1. This is an 8 gig SD card. Last year’s Library card fit on a 4 gig SD card. With all the additional material in this year’s revision, there is now less than half a gig of unused space on this 8 gig card.
2. This rrevision contains professional recordings of the last 10 year’s of the Annual Conventions of the National Federation of the Blind.
3. This revision contains 50 live recordings of our beloved NFB Songs. You will find these songs in both the $VRMusic folder, as well as in the $VROtherBooks folder.
4. This revision contains the Kernel Books in live mp3 audio format, with each Kernel Book in its own folder in the $VROtherBooks folder. These Kernel Book recordings have been recently digitized from cassette, by our National Office. Previous revisions of the Library card made use of partially synthesized recordings.
5. The President’s Report and the Banquet address from the 2014 National Convention have been added to the Maurer folder of the $VROtherBooks folder.
6. New folders have been added for Mark Riccobono containing both live recordings of his recent speeches and text articles with speeches and bio information.
7. Numerous speeches and articles have been added to many of the existing folders such as the Jacobus tenBroek, Kenneth Jernigan, Marc Maurer, Parents of Blind Children, Schroeder, Miscelaneous,and others.
8. A new folder has been added with Materials for Blind Parents.
9. A new folder has been added for materials in Spanish from the NFB of Puerto Rico.
10. A new folder has been added, entitled, “So You Don’t See As Well As You Used To”, containing material for older people who are experiencing declining vision.
11. A Newsletter article from 1940, reporting on the Organizing meeting of the National Federation of the Blind in Wilksbarre, Pennsylvania, on November 16, 1940. Published by the Pennsylvania Federation in the Winter 1940 edition of their newsletter, entitled, “We Are The Blind”. This article can be found in the Jacobus tenBroek folder of the $VRText folder of this 2015 NFB Library Card.

Of course this 2015 NFB Library Card also contains all of the items in our previous versions, including, but not limited to:
1. All available banquet speeches by Jacobus tenBroek, Kenneth Jernigan and Marc Maurer, going back to 1952. These speeches are in live mp3 audio, as well as in text, to allow for doing word searches, and cutting and pasteing into other documents.
2. Several DAISY books with Enhanced Navigation, allowing for more efficient access to important parts of these books. These books include “Walking Alone and Marching Together”, and “Freedom for the Blind, The Secret is Empowerment” by James H. Omvig.
3. There are literally hundreds of other books, articles, speeches and documents, arranged into folders by subject, for easier access. These folders include, Parents of Blind Children, Materials for Blind Parents, Students, and for Leaders of local chapter and state affiliates of the National Federation of the Blind.
4. There are folders of important historical documents such as the minutes of the original organizing meeting of the National Federation of the Blind held in Wilksbarre, Pennsylvania in 1940, a 4-part series of interviews with Newell Perry, teacher and mentor of Jacobus tenBroek, and the live mp3 audio of the speech Jacobus tenBroek gave at the funeral of Newell Perry.

For a complete listing of the items (in excess of 400), which were included on the 2013 NFB Library Card, please refer to the link on this webpage or SD card entitled, “NFB Library card, complete listing of contents, 2013.docx”.

We hope you will enjoy this Library of material from the National Federation of the Blind.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact us at:

there are 6  talking books DAZIE format
Freedom for the Blind The Secret is Empowerment
all 30 Kernel Books
The Master The Mission The Movement
Useful Guide for Local and State Leaders
Walking Alone and Marching Together
why the national federation of the blind

14 books under Other books
Jacobus tenBroek
Kenneth Jernigan
Local Leadership
Marc Maurer
Newel Perry
NFB Brochures
NFB Conventions
Parents of Blind Children
Ray Kurzweil
Stories and Christmas
Why The National Federation Of The Blind

Under texts there are 13 folders
A Note on Navigating Folders and Files in this NFB Library Card,
Navigation Instructions.htm

there are nine Braille htm files
there are 18 htm and txt  files under Jacobus tenBroek,
there are 16 htm and txt files under James H Omvig,
there are 55 htm and txt files under Kenneth Jernigan,
there are all 30 Kernel Books in htm
there are 12 htm and txt files under Local Leadership including 2011 and 2012 resolutions
there are 33 htm and txt files under Marc Maurer,
there are 43 htm and txt files under Miscellaneous for example:
1940 NFB Organizational Meeting Summary.htm
1940 NFB Original Constitution.htm
Boon, Christine, INDEPENDENCE – to have and to hold.htm
wiloughby, d. curtis- I Am a Blind Electrical Engineer.htm

there are 4 htm files and 1 txt file under Newel Perry,
there are 25 htm and txt files under Parents of Blind Children, writers such as:
Carol castellano,  Barbara cheadle, Carrie gilmer,      Barbara Pierce, Caroline rounds, Ruby Riles, Barbara Walker, Laura Weber, And Gary Wunder

There are 19 htm and txt files of Fred Schroeder
and There are 8,  htm and txt files under students such as:
Asch, Adrienne, USING READERS ON THE JOB.htm
elliott, peggy- avoiding a big testing headache.htm
nemeth, abraham – TEACHING MATHEMATICS.htm

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