May Board Meeting Minutes 2021


May 5, 2021, 7:30-8:54 P.M.

1 motion was made and passed to sponsor the Achilles tandem bicycle adventure from ST. George to Salt Lake for $1,000.

Roll Call:
NFB of Utah Board of Directors:

president – Everette Bacon: present
1st Vice President – Cheralyn Creer: Present
2nd Vice President – Karl Smith: Present
Treasurer – Mark Turley: Present
Secretary – Barbie Elliott: Present
Board Members:
Hellen Eckman: Present
Willie Black: Present
Laura Vincent: Present
Ken Duke: Present
Ned Lindholm: Excused
Additional participants:
The general public was invited. There were over 26 participants in attendance.

1. Welcome and Roll Call, see above.

2. Public comment.
a. Milt let us know that the Salt Lake Lyons club has plans for their 100th anniversary. They have a plan for being in the pioneer Day parade.
b. Ron wants to know how much the state convention costs. Registration is free, and we will discuss meals with their charges during this meeting. There is also a charge of $89 per night if people want to stay in the hotel.

3. National news:
a. The NFB main office and some of the members in Maryland got their vaccinations with DR. fauchi.
b. Sarah Mayer from the survivors group gave a presentation and a report on their efforts.
c. Ronza Offman from Maryland talked about the virtual national convention. Please come and register. July 6 through July 10th. You have to register to vote and it closes May 31st.
d. The NFB is actively busy making legislative action happen.
e. Lots of good stuff was announced in the presidential release, there were births and deaths, please listen if you couldn’t join.
f. Tuesday June 1 at 6 MDT will be the next presidential release.
g. Lyft codes are available from chapter presidents and Everette if people need a free ride to get vaccinated.
h. There are a couple of teacher positions open at USDB one is in the Salt Lake district. Apply at the USDB website. DSBVI is also hiring, 3 SSP positions working with deaf blind up to 30 hours per week, a driver/reader position, the needle arts teacher position is available now that Vickie has announced her retirement after 49 and a half years working for DSBVI, and a possible cane travel position is also coming up.
i. Wendy Bybee received a kidney transplant. She is home, recovering and excited about the upcoming BELL Academy.
j. There are upcoming survivor’s group calls going on that people can join. Karl also reminded us that there is also a lot of information about the survivor’s group in the latest issue of the Braille Monitor.

4. Chapter and program reports.
a. Bell report by Karl: There are 3 sessions with beginner, intermediate, and advanced in each session. We have 4 or 5 for the first session, 1 for the second, and none so far for the third session. Wendy is planning to direct the BELL academy again and is getting excited. It will be virtual. Registration and applications are still open and available.
b. Strive presented by Cheralyn: We are working directly with VR and hoping to get more interest. We are also contacting school districts.
c. Weber-Davis Chapter presented by Willie: The chapter will meet the third Saturday in May. They will hear from Quinn Price, and Corry Noyes.
d. Scholarships, presented by Marni: 5 strong applicants, great candidates. High quality applicants.
e. Salt Lake Chapter presented by Kenn Duke: No meeting in May because of convention. donation for a trip for a fund raiser. Primarily getting people to donate online to win the trip. You do not have to be present to win. All entries including multiple entries will be put in a spreadsheet and we will randomly pick the winner from the spreadsheet.
F. Utah Valley chapter presented by Laura: Fun online shopping and apps last time. Next meeting is coming up at an earlier time. The board is working ON A FANTASTIC agenda.
G. SPANISH DIVISION PRESENTED BY Laura: The division is putting together a game night for Thursday night getting fun accessible games and are excited about the social in person event.
H. Red Rocks Chapter presented by Hellen: The chapter held an in-person high bread local meeting yesterday. They also had some people on zoom. They heard about technology and Everette and Karl came and brought pizza. They have a bus for people who want to get a ride to convention. If you want a ride contact Hellen. It comes up on Thursday and leaves on Sunday.
H. Parents Division presented by Sarah: The parents division is getting to know a lot of new families and will hold some meetings soon. Time and location are to be determined. There are a lot of new parents in Davis County. Everette offered to help pay for food costs for their meeting with affiliate funds. Parents had a lot of questions that were answered and concerns being addressed with email messages with president Ricobono. They were relieved to learn that very few incidents involving minors have been reported nationally.
I. guide dog group presented by Tina: May 22nd at 4PM. Their next meeting will spotlight a presenter who will address mental health of the owners and the dogs as well to keep everyone well and active mentally.
J. At large group presented by Aaron: There was no April at large meeting. It has been determined that the at large group will be more formal than it has been since covid-19 is ending. All future At large group meetings will move to the second Wednesday and it is hoped that more affiliate support and members will get involved. The next meeting will be on Wednesday May 12th and will be about membership. There will be games and fun it will always be virtual and on the second Wednesday of each month.

5. State convention planning:
a. The agenda is coming out very soon. If anyone needs anything written in the agenda get it to Everette by Monday. If you don’t have it by Monday Everette will put something in there.
b. Start with a welcoming dinner. Global Mobile text to vote will be there. They will sponsor our welcome dinner. We will also have the Utah County commissioner Amelia Gardner speaking about voting and accessibility.
c. All meetings will take place in the large rooms. The hotel will use our zoom account and we will also stream on youtube. Please register so you can get in to zoom.
d. We will be spaced out a bit differently than previous conventions. We will wear masks in main areas of the hotel. We will have masks for everyone and the hotel will also provide masks.
e. Thursday night will have a resolutions meeting after dinner, then after that we will have the Spanish Division game night in the same room after that. This way people can join on zoom.
f. There will be no breakfasts. Friday morning will begin with registration and general session with speakers. Some will be from our former spring convention agenda. Boxed lunches on Friday and Saturday. They will cost $10 per person. After lunch which will be a presentation and board meeting. After that will be a general session. At 4PM each vendor will get a 30-minute presentation so people can see it on zoom. For those in person the vendors will have hands on demonstrations. Friday night will be a fun night presented by project strive.
g. Saturday again, there will be no formal provided breakfast. In the morning, divisions will hold meetings. Perhaps 2 meetings will be at the same time but only 2 since there are 2 rooms and 2 cameras. Boxed lunches on Saturday. General session with business meeting Saturday afternoon. Saturday night banquet will be plated at $15 per person.
h. $35 for 3 meals.
i. Hotel reservations are available by phone or online. If you have a problem, please email Everette. The block will open to the public on May 19th or 20th so register now if you want a room.
j. Jerry will be contacting everyone to let them know their status. Some paid last year and he will let each person know if they have paid and how much money they have in their accounts from 2020 to cover 2021 meals.
k. Milt asked when the banquet will start. Everette said around 6:30 or so.
l. Mac wanted to know if he can join the auction virtually? Everette said we will make it work even though it will be high bread.
m. Danielle is shopping for door prizes. She is still looking for more door prizes. You have to be virtually or in person present to win. You also have to be registered to win.
n. Helen wanted to know who the national rep is. Norma and Glen Crosby.
o. Mark said he could register and book so it all works and is accessible. He did it during the meeting.

6. Other Business:
a. Karl said that there is money available to school districts from the covid relief packages. This money is available for assistive technology. It is called something like “lost learning” It could help with assistive technology for blind students. Do not believe your school district if they say there is no money because there is money for technology for students through this lost learning fund. It may last through 2024. Karl is willing to send information out in an email.
b. Kenn talked about riding tandems. He planned a trip from ST. George to Salt Lake. Other people learned about it and have gotten involved. There are now 7 blind participants. This is through the Achilles organization. This event will take place in September. Kenn wanted to know if the NFB of Utah is interested in partnering with Achilles and asking for a funding sponsorship. They are looking for $1,000 for a sponsorship. Several members of the NFB of Utah are going to participate. It is free for Achilles’ members and costs $1,000 for non-members. Karl made a motion and Willie seconded the motion to pay $1,000 to sponsor this event. It passed unanimously.
c. Aaron pointed out that there is some inaccurate information on the NFB of Utah website such as phone numbers that are no longer valid. Everette said that if you know of something inaccurate, please email him and let him know so that we can make our information current and accurate.

7. The May NFB of Utah Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:54 P.M.