March Board Meeting Minutes 2021



NFB of Utah

Board Meeting


February 3, 2021, 8:30-10:00 P.M.


No motions were made.




Roll Call:

NFB of Utah Board            of Directors:

president –                                         Everette Bacon: present

1st Vice President –          Cheralyn Creer: Present

2nd Vice President –         Karl Smith:                          Present

Treasurer –                                         Mark Turley:      Present

Secretary –                                         Barbie Elliott:     Present

Board Members:

Hellen Eckman: Present

Willie Black:                        Present

Laura Vincent: Present

Ken Duke:       Present

Ned Lindholm: Present

Additional participants:

The general public was invited.

Danielle Frampton, Milt Taylor, Sarah Erb, Aaron Timm, Marnie West, Chris Wycoff, Keven Wasmer, Cheryl Hayborne, Alejandra Reyes, and others.


  1. Welcome and Roll Call:

(See above)


  1. National News:
    1. Live presidential release for all, chapters may play it, or highlight specific points at meetings. It is up to each chapter.
    2. The 10-year anniversary of Blind Driver Challenge, visit Autonomous vehicles and quiet cars information is there.
    3. Braille Monitor, read each month or submit articles from any and all members. Send submit ions to
    4. Independence Market product for Feb is the Jernigan Corn Bread Kit and carbon fiber canes. Perhaps Project Strive could make the cornbread with the kits. Canes are on sale for $15 for carbon fiber folding canes.
    5. Presidential Release for Feb is available now

March 1st is the next release.

  1. National Convention will open registration on March 1. Plan for virtual convention July 6-11.
  2. NFB Scholarship application is now open we already have 6 applications from Utah! 4 people are new to us. Marnie will also be putting an announcement together about local NFB of Utah state scholarships.


  1. Update on 990. It should be ready by March or late February. Everette will keep the board informed by text about when the reading of the 990 report will take place. Mark had everything in to the national office on time, the pandemic caused our report to be delayed. We will have a treasurer report next month.


  1. Washington Seminar update and questions


  1. Chelsea sent an email with all 4 of the issues we will be presenting. Also, for the agenda go to Information about the issues can be found here
  2. Chris Stuart has already signed onto sponsor the access to affordable technology act. There is also a beginning of a bill forming for the medical devices issue.
  3. We do not have specific dates set up with our congress men. We may see Stuart and Moor. We will try to meet with staff from all congressmen but we will most likely not meet with our senators because of the impeachment trials. We may stretch out our appointments later in order to accomplish our goals to visit with our representatives and senators.
  4. The great gathering in is at 3PM our time. The West has expressed frustration with this time, but it will be on YouTube and can be enjoyed later on the nations blind channel
  5. Everette will email appointment information and text us about appointments.


  1. Public comment:
    1. Keven Wasmer asked a question about sexual harassment issues. He brought up a story with a councilor and student, and wondered about youth programs nationally and locally. Everette said that any code of conduct issue present and past will be reviewed by an independent organization to look into each situation and investigate these complaints.
    2. Sarah erb expressed gratitude for the task force survivors and she would like them to receive payment for the work that they are doing. Usually, committee members are not paid but perhaps this situation will be more intensive and require a lot of time and energy to accomplish. Everette will present that idea to the national office. Everette will copy Sarah Erb on the email he sends to President Ricco Bono.
    3. Sarah Erb is worried along with parents about their children being safe. Training for the national office and the 3 NFB training centers will receive training. In April several meetings will be held for boards of states and divisions and other independent contractors. It will probably not reach the chapters and state divisions at that point. This may come in the future. There will be a form and survey for participants and we do not need to sign up as a board. Sarah feels that more transparency for past events and severity and the age group that it happened with. Everette said because there are lawyers and law firms involved and looking for clients this kind of transparency may not be possible. Sarah would like the national office to state this and explain the reasons behind the lack of transparency.
    4. Tina asked about the Washington Seminar issues. It is also posted on our website.
    5. Cheralyn would like guidance from the national office about what needs to be done above and beyond the safe guards in place. Cheralyn is concerned that a lack of response to what is being said about Project Strive is a response. She would like acknowledgement of the issues and a response to them. She would like to have a seminar with leaders in strive with parents to include them and help from the national
    6. Everette encouraged Cheralyn to reach out to DWS about some of these responses and issues. He liked the idea of a future meeting. On a national level there is a person over diversity and inclusion and can’t remember her name, but he thinks it might be good to set up a time to meet with her. He will give Cheralyn information to accomplish this.
    7. Danielle wants to know if there will be any males on the task force for male victims so that they feel more comfortable reaching out to someone. Everette suggested emailing president Ricco Bono and also, he stated that he would be willing to reach out to the survivors committee as will.
    8. Aaron Timm heard that the training and surveys are voluntary and that concerns her. Everette clarified that the training is mandatory for leaders, and the survey is voluntary.


  1. USDB report Sarah:
    1. Sarah met with some of the leaders with parents and a teacher about IEP meetings to make sure parents know that they have access to advocates. Transitions from high school and helping families with holes in the transition. Her goal is to have more inclusive collaboration with USDB and NFB.
    2. Utah parents center website is less than it should be to help parents have high expectations and goals.
    3. USDB will meet in March regarding braille standards and updating them since they are 10 years old.
    4. For more information about the USDB meeting see their minutes which are provided along with these minutes in a separate document.


  1. Chapter and Division updates:

A.     Marnie promoted the zoom meetings at DSBVI Wednesdays and Fridays at 1 There is a guest Jason Romero who presented to Project Strive earlier who will be coming to the zoom meeting free of charge and all blind people in the state of Utah are encouraged to attend the zoom meeting. Join the DSBVI Meeting:

One tap mobile: +16692545252,,1602819329#

Phone: +1 (669) 254-5252

Meeting ID: 160 281 9329


  1. The Red Rocks chapter recently held elections Helen is president, Sonia is secretary, and a new board member. They sent the $1000 to Mark Turley for scholarships. They have a lot of representations from all of their areas.
  2. The Utah Valley chapter had a new meeting with a new member who loved it. They will be holding elections on February 24th. Chapter members plan to have dues in by Feb. 15th.
  3. The Spanish Division had a meeting in January. It was a social call and Laura wants to congratulate to Alex Reyes who has a baby who created a Spanish parents chat. Their next meeting is Feb. 17th.
  4. The Salt Lake Chapter held a meeting in January about social security set up by Danielle. They will hold elections on Feb. 27th.
  5. The Weber Davis Chapter will have a meeting to talk about elections which will be held in March.
  6. The Parents group has concerns that USDB has taken away the bus passes for employees making it difficult for blind and visually impaired employees to get to and from work or do their jobs especially if they are itinerant.  There are salary differentials for those who know sign language, but there is not one for those who know braille. Sarah said that they brought it to USDB’s attention and she hopes it will be changed.
  7. The Guide Dog Users group held a meeting in January with Michael Hickson and it was successful.
  8. The At Large group held their meeting in February on the 2nd. They explained Washington Seminar. Chelsea Peahl and Ron Gardner were there to answer questions and explain things. She invited us all to come join their next meeting.
  9. Project STRIVE will have their activity this Saturday. They will have a Washington Seminar preview similar to the student seminar. Introducing the issues and offering some mock presentation opportunities. We want them to think about advocacy and learn what is going on. They are giving incentives to participants who come and show that they learned.


  1. Bell Academy.
    1. Karl said that they will hold virtual home edition, there will be sessions prioritized by braille skill level and applications will begin later this month.


  1. Utah legislative report.
    1. Everette was elected chair of the coalition for persons with disabilities here in Utah.


  1. A bill was presented about driver’s licenses. Someone wanted to add that those with disabilities would volunteer to have the fact that they have a disability placed on their driver’s license or state ID card. Thankfully the Utah congress did not think this was a good idea so no action necessary!
  2. There is a reception from LCPD tomorrow night find it on Everette’s face book page.


  1. State Convention update May 27-29.
    1. our minimum room and meal costs have been eliminated due to the pandemic.
    2. Norma Crosby will be our delegate She and husband Glen will attend in person.
    3. We may higher out the virtual mechanics of convention so that we don’t have to run the zoom platform from the hotel ourselves.
    4. Cynthia asked about the cost for state convention. $89 per night hotel room cost.
    5. Mark said that if someone paid for our 2020 registration your costs can be put toward 2021 convention since there was no cost to participants for the virtual convention.
    6. We anticipate registration will open May 1st.


  1. Other business: Everette received this update tonight after the board meeting ended from Chris Wycoff about the UTA CAT meeting, so I am including it here.
    1. UTA update from our CAT committee meeting today.
    2. I listened to the NFB board meeting tonight and I was sad that state employees lost their monthly bus passes.  That could cost up to $160.00 a month.  Why couldn’t they cut it in half or something?
    3. UTA is continuing its program to update all bus stops to meet ADA requirements. Currently, 31.6% of stops are compliant.  They are scheduled to complete around 100 bus stops this year.  They are also planning on replacing 700 bus stop poles with the new 8-sided poles in 2021.  Currently, around 200 are in place now.
    4. UTA is also planning on replacing accessible seats on all TRAX and bus lines.  They will be gray with a bright ADA logo and text to mark these seats.  They are being built and will be beginning installation toward the end of 2021.
    5. The rollout of braille at bus stops is going slowly with UTA starting with high volume stops .  Route 2 has a number of them and will be getting more.
      1. Long term goals include the Ogden Weber State, Lakeview Hospital line update and will be completed in a couple of years.  UTA is also planning on expanding bus lines in the Draper, Point of the mountain, Lehi to Provo area.


                      1. adjourn: the meeting ended at 9:56PM.