Board Meeting Minutes

Our Board Meeting Minutes will be posted here on this page as they become available.

June 3, 2020
June 3, 2020

NFB of Utah

Board Meeting


June 3, 2020, 8:30-10:03 P.M.



Roll Call:

NFB of Utah Board         of Directors:

president –                               Everette Bacon: present

1st Vice President –        Cheralyn Creer: Present

2nd Vice President –       Karl Smith:                    Present

Treasurer –                               Mark Turley:     Present

Secretary –                               Barbie Elliott:    Present

Board Members:

Hellen Eckman: Present

Willie Black:                  Present

Laura Vincent:  Present

Ken Duke:        Present

Ned Lindholm: Present

Additional participants:

The general public was invited.


3 motions were made and passed.

  1. Create an NFB of Utah virtual meeting committee to help admit participants to zoom.
  2. Continue holding virtual chapter meetings in June.
  3. Give $5,000 at National convention.




1.   Welcome and roll call:

See above.

  1. How covid is affecting people. Ned’s aunt passed away. DR. Angela Peters was possibly exposed, they are still waiting to learn if they will need to quarantine.


2.   Talk about President Ricco Bono’s letter Love Conquers Hate:

Sachin helped draft the letter that went out. The initial thought was to make sure that we send out messages on social media that are accurate and responsible. Sachin also mentioned that he has been a victim of police brutality and hate crime. He was also featured on the podcast “Disability Visibility”. Everette will email this information to Barbie to attach to the minutes. Sachin also said that he understands that it can be difficult to know how to approach this situation especially for white people. He recommended that people ask questions about how to approach people of different backgrounds as part of the conversation. The podcast episode can be found at


  1. Zoom Bombing of meetings.
  2. There were some sick and disgusting things that came across the platform on the Red Rocks chapter zoom meeting yesterday. There were around 19-chapter members in attendance. They will hold their meeting again this coming Tuesday.
  3. we incorporated a waiting room function for the board meeting. We decided to create a zoom committee to help admit people to meetings. We will also have password protected meetings from now on.


4.   June Chapter Meetings.

  1. The Utah Public Health and Economic Emergency Commission has recommended a smart green level for most of the state of Utah. This means most businesses can open but social distancing protocols are recommended to stay in place. Salt Lake City is still at orange level. If we had meetings, we would need space to social distance for meetings and this would mean that we will need large spaces to gather.
  2. Everette recommended that we continue to hold virtual meeting in June.
  3. Laura agrees that we should continue to hold virtual chapter meetings for now.
  4. Ned feels that while Salt Lake City is at orange and yellow, we should continue to hold virtual meetings.
  5. Hellen mentioned that her meeting location cannot hold their meetings using recommended social distancing measures where they are currently meeting. This is a problem especially since the members are older and some have health concerns so even though they had a rough meeting on zoom she recommends that we continue to hold virtual meetings.
  6. Willie recommended that we should continue holding meetings on zoom even after we gather to allow participants to choose whether they want to attend in person or virtually.
  7. Mark wants to know about masks and social distancing. Ned commented that the virus lives in moisture 6 feet is far enough away that the virus has a very difficult time surviving. Masks help the moisture from going through the air and spreading to others.
  8. A motion was made and seconded my many board members to continue holding meetings virtually. The vote was unanimous to do so.


5.   Legislative updates:

  1. Accessible Affordable Technology Act: Mark, Ken, Anitra Weber and others sent letters to their congressman Representative Kurtis about the accessible affordable technology act. Ken made a personalized letter and he shared it with others to help them write their own letter. Ken said that there are 91 co-sponsors and we are hoping to reach 100 co-sponsors. Everette said that the last number he heard was actually 97 co-sponsors. Sachin is working with senators Romney and Lee. Kris Stuart now has a disability committee as part of his staff. We need the house and senate to cooperate to pass this bill.
  2. SSDI payments right now are withheld for a waiting period of a year. We would like it to change for blindness since it is easily seen and documented so that once a diagnosis exists, the waiting period will not apply to blindness since it does not usually get better over a period of time the way some conditions sometimes do.
  3. Everette recommended that members send letters to their congress people to get them to co-sponsor these bills especially since they are showing signs of movement right now.


6.   Bell Academy update:

A.   Karl says So far, we only have 4 participants registered. A large box will be sent out to each student to use for their virtual bell meeting. Whomever is helping us with the students will need to have a background check.

B.   Everette recommended scheduling a meeting with Cheralyn, Everette, Wendy and Karl to talk about details soon to make plans.


7.   National Virtual Convention:

  1. Presidential release tomorrow night. Jerry will send out a reminder tomorrow morning, encouraging us all to join in.
  2. Registration: We need to all register. We only have 30 participants registered. It will make you eligible for door prizes and agenda notes. We want to know if registration will be available after June 15th.
  3. Utah Caucus. Each state will use zoom and hold a coccus for the convention. We will meet to discuss resolutions and any other important convention information.
  4. Utah funding: Last year, we gave $5000. Jernigan Ten brook White Cane $1,000 each. $150 to scholarship breakfast, kids camp and final door prize. $550 for Sun Share Fund. $1,000 for Meta which is the international program Sachin is involved with. We need to decide what to do this year. We earned and received money this month and did not spend money this month. A motion was made and passed to give $5,000 again this year but add $300 to the white cane fund since we won’t be holding a scholarship breakfast or a kid’s camp. Sarah is chairing a committee to hold podcasts for kids during the convention.
  5. Door prizes affiliate and chapter: We will give money from the affiliate to the door prize as we did last year. Chapters are encouraged to give to the door prize committee as well. We would email information to the committee and they will tell us who and where to mail the prize to after the recipient has been chosen and verified.
  6. . Banquet ideas. Individual locations for chapters and others were suggested, Kenn Everette, and Barbie all offered to host. Ned contacted his church. Barbie mentioned renting pavilions and staying within social distancing protocols


8.   State Convention thoughts:

Please reach out to Everette with ideas and thoughts regarding the state convention.


9. Public Comment.

  1. Aaron Timm: Aaron would like to host an at large chapter meeting on June 30th, at 8:30. Everette would like a message email sent out. James would also like Aaron and other chapters and divisions to send information to James for social media.
  2. Moy: He was not able to unmute for some reason.
  3. Anitra suggested Facebook messenger to hold the virtual meetings. Mark asked and it was confirmed that all participants would need a Facebook account to use it


  1. Other business and adjourn:

The meeting ended at 10:03 P.M.