Voting in 2020

Dear Voter,


To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the June 30, 2020 Primary Election will be conducted by mail, and regular polling locations will not be available in most counties in the state.


If you cannot read or mark a ballot that is mailed to you, please contact your county clerk for assistance. Your county clerk will be able to provide you with a touchscreen voting machine that allows you to listen to the ballot or view the ballot with larger print or higher color contrast.  Your county clerk may offer additional options to cast your ballot, such as voting by email or delivering a voting machine to your house.


You can find your county clerk’s contact information by clicking on this link.


If you are a resident of San Juan County, your county is offering early and Election Day polling locations.  The polling locations will have touchscreen voting machines available.


For more information about the election and how you can vote, please visit


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