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Mission Statement:
The aim of Project STRIVE is to instill hope, build confidence, and provide mentorship to Blind youth ages 13 to 26.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure their successful transition to becoming contributing and self-reliant members of society. We seek to accomplish our mission by providing one-on-one mentoring with Blind peers and adults and by holding regularly scheduled activities including discussions on attitudes about Blindness, presentations from competent blind adults, and opportunities for college and career preparation. In everything we do, Project STRIVE is dedicated to the success of the individual and to the promotion of a positive attitude about Blindness.

STRIVE stands for Successful Transition Requires Independence, Vocation & Education.

Project STRIVE meets the second Saturday of each month. We organized a statewide carpool system to increase attendance and use mentors to help participants learn how to use public transportation to get to activities.

We also sponsor programs that require applications to attend, if you contact our email list, these applications along with information about each month’s activities will be mailed to you along with deadlines and instructions. These programs include:

*Washington Seminar: Each year we take some participants to Washington D.C. for the NFB’s Washington Seminar.

*national convention for the NFB: each summer in July we take some participants to the national convention, this year it will be in Orlando.

*Junior mentorships: We also offer paid positions for some participants to work as peer or JR. mentors, some work during the school year to help plan and implement activities, others work for 2 weeks in the summer with the young children 12 and under at the BELL Academy.

*Summer Internships: For the older participants we offer an 8 week internship program where participants work in a career related job and gain real work experience along with mentorship from blind professionals.

*Incentives and goal setting: This program offers rewards for setting goals specifically related to blindness skills. Goals can be large or small, and the Project Strive Team is there to mentor and help you on your way to success.

For more information on how to get involved with Project STRIVE,

contact Cheralyn Creer or Barbie Elliott

Project Strive Program Co-Directors (listed below).

Project Strive Program Co-Directors:
Cheralyn Creer, M.Ed. Special Education

Deja Powell

Barbie Elliott: Home Management Instructor at DSBVI


Project STRIVE Instructors
Tara Briggs

Willie Black:

2017-2018 schedule of events


December 9, 2017 Activity- STRIVE gives back, sub for Santa shopping spree
Location- Layton Hills Mall
• Group discussion: The Power of Belonging by Dr. Marc Maurer
The Power of Belonging (audio)

January 13, 2018 Activity- Visit store owned & operated by a man who is blind & Snowmobiling
Location- Fairview, UT
• Group discussion: The Essence of Maturity by Dr. Marc Maurer
The Essence of Maturity (audio)

January/February 2018 (dates TBD)- STRIVE Goes to Washington(DC)
(for those who applied & are accepted)
Washington Seminar (2017 agenda gives you an idea of what to expect)

February 10, 2018 Activity- Fitness February; hockey & CPR training
Location- TBD
• Group discussion: Blindness, Handicap or Characteristic by Dr. Kenneth Jernigan
Blindness, Handicap or Characteristic (audio)

March 10, 2018 Activity- Successful Futures Seminar at DSBVI
Location- DSBVI
• Group discussion: ADA- how to present your disability in the most positive and comfortable way to encourage employers to higher you.

April 19-21, 2018- National Federation of the Blind of Utah Annual Convention
Location- SLC Sheraton

May 12, 2018- Employment/Workplace Scavenger Hunt
Location: TBD
• Group discussion: The Nature of Independence by Dr. Kenneth Jernigan
The Nature of Independence (audio)

June Employment opportunities- BELL Academy Jr. Mentors (for 14-26 year olds) or internships in an area of your interest (for 18-26 year olds)

July 1, 2018- Jr. Mentor resumes & letters of interest due

July 2018 (dates TBD)- National Federation of the Blind National Convention
(for those who applied & are accepted)

You can live the life you want – blindness is not what holds you back!